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He Auditioned on the x factor UK in 2010 He actually got voted off along with Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam but then Simon Cowell decided that they had to much talent to let it all go to waste and he formed One Direction and they continued on the x factor together until the finals where they got third place. :)

Harry Styles became famous in the same manner as many young, rich and popular heartthrobs. He was a member of a popular teenage boy band that captured the hearts and affection of the teenage female market.
he Auditioned for the UK X Factor in 2010. He was kicked at Bootcamp but later put into the boyband One Direction who have sold over 15 million records in the last 2 years

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Q: How did harry styles become famous?
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What made Harry Styles famous?

He become famos because he was in x factor

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Harry Styles best bud before he was famous is Ed Sheeran.

What did Harry Styles do to become famous?

He went to the x factor then they put him in a boy band and then won in 3 rd place

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no, justin bieber is more famous that harry styles is.

Where did harry styles born at?

Harry Styles is a famous singer with the band, One Direction. he was born in Bromsgrove, West Midlands, England.

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When did harry styles become in an boy band?


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Why did Harry Styles want to become a singer?

Because he had a talent.

What famous people have the same birthday as Harry Styles?

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