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He Died

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Q: How did claudio monteverdi die?
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What has the author Claudio Monteverdi written?

Claudio Monteverdi has written: 'Madrigals'

What is Claudio Monteverdi's birthday?

Claudio Monteverdi was born on May 15, 1567.

What has the author Claudio XZO Monteverdi written?

Claudio XZO Monteverdi has written: 'Vespers'

When did Claudio Monteverdi die?

Claudio Monteverdi was a very famous composer in the baroque period

How old was Claudio Monteverdi at death?

Claudio Monteverdi died on November 29, 1643 at the age of 76.

What is L'Arianna?

L'Arianna is an opera written by Claudio Monteverdi.

What religion was Claudio Monteverdi part of?

He was a Roman Catholic

For what occasion did Claudio Monteverdi write Orfeo?

the carnival of Mantua

Who first discovered opera?

L'Orfeo de Claudio Monteverdi

What is the relief of Stromboli?

it is an opera written by claudio monteverdi in the 17th century

What is the name of the first 'great' opera composed by Claudio Monteverdi?

L'Orfeo (1607).

Did Monteverdi go blind before his death?

Claudio Monteverdi was an Italian composer, singer and Roman Catholic priest. He was born on May 9, 1567. No, Monteverdi did not go blind before his death.