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I am Wendy Holcombe mother ( Helen) !At time of her death Wendy was living at Fox VLY Farms in Alabaster Al She had DIVORCED Blosser & was starting a new life with a Childhood friend . She ALMOST FOUND HER EVER AFTER HAPPY ! Divorce on file !

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Helen Holcombe

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Wendy Holcombe died in 1987 at age 23 from complications of an enlarged heart. She had been forced to stop performing earlier, because of her health. Wendy was a well known banjo player,and appeared on The Grand Old Opry as well as many national TV shows including Hee Haw, the popular TV music show. She and her husband were living in Florida at the time of her death.

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She had divorced Tom & she was living in Alabaster, Al at the time of death ..She came close to finding her "Happy" soul mate ever after !
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Someone has Information WRONG !

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Q: How did Wendy holcombe die and what year?
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