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Wael is a famous singer from Lebanon and was born on September fifteenth, in 1974. He got his first shot at stardom on a tv show called Studio Al Fan.

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Q: How did Wael Kfoury become famous?
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What is the birth name of Wael Kfoury?

Wael Kfoury's birth name is Michel Kfoury.

When was Wael Kfoury born?

Wael Kfoury was born on September 15, 1947, in Zahle, Lebanon.

Is wael kfoury Muslim or Christian?

wael kafoury is Christian

How old is Wael Kfoury?

Lebanese singer Wael Kfoury is 42 years old (born September 15, 1974).

How tall is Wael Kfoury?

i think hes about 5'8

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