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According to Terry Pratchett:To kill the Bogyman you need to cover his head with a blanket, A small fluffy powder blue one works best.
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he drunk himself to death.

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Did the boogeyman die

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The boogeyman did not die!

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Q: How did WWE superstar boogeyman die?
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Why does WWE superstar boogeyman have a clock that he hits his head on?

It gives him super-strength.

How did WWE boogeyman die?

He isn't dead

Did bogeyman from WWE die or quit?

the boogeyman was released from the wwe on march 4, 2009

Did WWE superstar boogyman die?


Is the WWE Boogeyman Tongan?

no the boogeyman isn't on svr 2010

Is boogeyman in WWE?


Is WWE boogeyman in WWE all-stars?

No he isn't.

Is WWE bogyman dead?

No, former WWE super star- "boogeyman" didn't die. He was fired from the WWE, that's why he isn't and/or wasn't around. Besides if "boogeyman" did indeed die, the WWE would've put a memorial service or something to honor his memory. But the point is "boogeyman" didn't die, and isn't dead.

Will boogeyman come back to WWE?


Where is the boogeyman from the WWE?

jsdhkjalhfksdfhk land

What is Boogeyman's nationality?

The Boogeyman's does not have a specific nationality as he is from The Bottomless Pit.Marty Wright who portrays The Boogeyman in WWE is from Phoenix, Arizona.

How do you get the boogeyman?

on wwe 2009 smackdown v.s. raw put in boogeyman eats worms !!