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heart attack

On November 13, 2005, Guerrero was found unconscious in his hotel room (The Marriott City Center) in Minneapolis, Minnesota, by his nephew, Chavo. Chavo attempted CPR, but Guerrero was pronounced dead when paramedics arrived on the scene. He was 38 years old. An autopsy revealed that Guerrero died as a result of acute heart failure arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease. Guerrero's wife Vickie claimed that he had been unwell in the week preceding his death. On the November 30 edition of WWE Byte This!, Chavo said that Guerrero had been working hard and was at peak physical fitness as a result, doing cardiovascular and weight training exercises every day. In WWE he died of a heart attack the above reason is how he died.

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He had heart failure

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Q: How did WWE superstar Eddie Guerrero died?
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How did Eddy Wrestler died?

WWE superstar Eddie guerrero died by heart attack

Is WWE superstar Eddie Guerrero dead?

yes he is

How old is Eddie guerro?

Eddie Guerrero is a late WWE superstar who died in the year 2005. He was aged 38 at the time when he died. Doctors confirmed that he had died of heart failure which was the result of a heart disease. He was one of WWE's most popular superstars

What wrestlers in WWE are dead? this is a list of some but not all, the wwe superstar i miss the most is Eddie Guerrero R.I.P

Is WWE wrestler Eddie Guerrero alive?

No. He died from steroids use.

Has anyone died in WWE?

yes eddie guerrero and chris benoit and more

WWE Eddie Guerrero?

He has passed on.

What was the date of WWE's eddy guererro's death?

Eddie Guerrero died November 13th of 2005

Eddie Guerrero is alive and remember WWE is a lie and all are a lie Eddie Guerrero is alive?

No, he really did died, it's unbelieveable but he's gone to a better place now.

Will Eddie Guerrero ever become WWE Champion again?

If Eddie Guerrero were still alive, it would be possible for him to have became WWE Champion again.

What is Eddie guerrero's real name?

Eduardo Gory "Eddie" Guerrero Llanes is the real/full name of the late great Eddie Guerrero. Eddie is one of the greatest professional wrestlers in history. He died at the peak of his career in 2005. He has won numerous titles in the WWE including the WWE championship, intercontinental championship, tag team championship etc. he is also an inductee into the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame.

Is WWE Rey myisterio brothers with Eddie Guerrero?