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he choose his career by going to school

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Q: How did Taha Hussein choose and begin his career?
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What has the author Taha Hussein written?

Taha Hussein has written: 'An Egyptian childhood'

What are Taha Hussein's achievements?

taha activities

When was Taha Hussein born?

Taha Hussein was born on November 14, 1889, in Izbet el Kilo, AI-Minya, Egypt.

Did Taha Hussein win any Nobel prizes?


Who was known as the Dean of Arabic Literature?

dr. taha hussein

Which Arabic writer was known as a dean of Arabic literature?

Taha Hussein (1889- 1973) nicknamed "the dean of Arabic literature"

How do you write taha in Arabic?


When was Taha Carim born?

Taha Carim died in 1977.

What is the birth name of Taha Ahmad?

Taha Ahmad's birth name is Syed Taha Ahmad.

What nicknames does Taha El Hakem go by?

Taha El Hakem goes by Dr. Taha El Hakem.

When was Shadi Taha born?

Shadi Taha was born in 1978.

When did Sami Taha die?

Sami Taha died in 1947.