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He went to prison because he was at a shooting scene and the killer shot himself, and Ronnie was blamed because someone had to get in trouble. Ronnie didn't actually do anything wrong

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Q: How did Ronnie Radke go to prison?
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What prison is Ronnie Radke in?

In High Desert State Prison.

What country is Ronnie radke's prison in?

Nevada State Prison.

Why was Ronnie Radke drowned out from escape the fate?

He was sent to prison

Who has Emily Ellis dated?

the only one i no of was Ronnie Radke and they were engaged until he went to prison.

What is Ronnie radke's full name?

Ronnie Radke's full name is indeed Ronald Joseph Radke.

Where was Ronnie Radke born?

Ronnie Radke was born in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Did Ronnie radke go to prom?

No, he dropped out of high school.

Ronnie Radke is going to get out in February 2009?

Yes... He is indeed. Ronnie Radke <3

What is Ronnie radke's dad's name?

John Radke

What is Ronnie radke's real name?

Ronald Radke

What is Ronnie Radke's real name?

Ronald Radke

How many alumbs does escape the fate have?

Three. The first is There's no sympathy for he dead which includes vocals by Ronnie Radke. The second one and main album that some consider to be the first, Dying is your latest fashion also includes Ronnie Radke, however the third This War Is Ours has Craig mabbitt for vocals as Ronnie Radke was put in prison.