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Peeta simply used mud and crushed wet rocksto cover himself

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Q: How did Peeta paint himself as a rock in the hunger games?
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What happened in chapter four of Catching Fire?

Haymitch and Katniss walk back inside the train, which finishes refueling and moves on. Katniss goes to her train car and sits alone, thinking about what Haymitch has told her. If she marries Peeta, she realizes, Snow might try to pressure her into having children. This means that her children may one day be drafted to compete in the Hunger Games themselves. Even though the selection process for choosing tributes is supposedly random, Katniss suspects that it's actually rigged. Katniss realizes that Haymitch, who could have married anyone he wanted after winning the Games, may have chosen to stay single because he didn't want to put other people-including his own children-in danger. It is getting late. Alone in her train car, Katniss tries to sleep, but finds that she can't stop thinking about Gale and her family. She resolves to appear to be in love with Peeta, thereby keeping them safe. The next day, the train stops in District 11. Katnissremembers that Rue, the young girl who died during the Games, was from this District. In District 11, Katniss attends a delicious dinner, but she finds that she can't enjoy her food because she's concerned for her family. She also notices that Haymitch and Cinna aren't present at the dinner. Effie explains that Haymitch is probably drunk and asleep, while Cinna has been working hard to design Katniss's outfits, and is probably resting, too. Katniss thinks about how hard her "team" works to make her look beautiful. They always want to make "alterations" to her body-tattoos, surgeries, etc.-but Cinna insists that they hold off on doing so. Katniss thinks about the wealthy, powerful people who live in the Capitol, most who have had elaborate surgeries and procedures done on their bodies. Katniss wonders if they realize how bizarre they look to "the rest of us." After the dinner in District 11, Katniss and her crew get back on the train and move on to the next district. Only a few hours after they depart, the train breaks down, irritating Effie. While technicians try to repair the train, Katniss walks outside, staring out into the wilderness that surrounds the train tracks. As she walks around, she hears a voice and turns-it's Peeta. Peeta tells Katniss that he needs to talk to her about Gale. He admits that he's had a crush on Katniss for a long time, and that he knew she had "something with Gale" for a while. He also apologizes for trying to hold Katniss to the things she said during the Games-he recognizes that she was only pretending to love him in order to win the competition. Katniss is touched by Peeta's apology, and together, they agree to try to "just be friends." Peeta offers to show Katniss his paintings, which have an entire train car to themselves. He holds Katniss's hand, and Katniss is happy to know that he's touching her out of friendship, not romance, either fake or sincere. Inside the train, Katniss is surprised to see that Peeta has painted scenes from the Hunger Games. Many of these scenes show her fighting-in one, she's lying in a pool of blood. Katniss tells Peeta that he's a brilliant artist, but also admits that she hates these paintings, because they remind her of the most painful days of her life. Peeta nods in understanding, and explains that he needs to paint the Games because he sees them "every night." As they talk, they feel the train lurch forward. The technicians have made their repairs, and the train will be in District 11 soon. As the train arrives in District 11, Peeta and Katniss see a huge barbed wire fence with large metal towers positioned along it. Katniss had learned from Rue that District 11 was more severe and tyrannical than District 12, but she hadn't expected such an intimidating sight. She also notices that District 11 is huge, far larger than her own District. The train stops near a large, crumbling marble structure, the Justice Building, which Katniss recognizes from school lessons in her childhood. In District 11, Effie has arranged for Peeta and Katniss to greet the District Mayor and read a scripted thank-you that the Capitol has sent. Katniss thinks that it's traditional for the Games winners to say a few words about dead tributes with whom they were allied-thus, she should say something about Rue. Though she has struggled to write anything about Rue, Peeta has prepared a brief statement on this topic. Katniss, Peeta, and their entourage are welcomed off their train by a group of "Peacekeepers" (government soldiers). They escort them into a truck, which drives to the Justice Building. At the Justice Building Katniss and Peeta are invited onto a huge stage, and a vast audience cheers for them. The Mayor reads a speech, and although Katniss is very nervous, she has previously been "drilled" so many times that she says her lines without thinking. Afterwards, Peeta delivers a short speech about how Rue helped him and Katniss win the competition. Peeta announces that the families of the dead tributes from District 11 will receive one month's worth of Peeta and Katniss's winnings every year until Katniss and Peeta die. This is an unprecedented display of generosity, and the crowd gasps and cheers in response to it. Katniss herself is so impressed that when she kisses Peeta at the end of the ceremony, her kiss isn't forced at all. Just as the ceremony is about to conclude, Katniss feels a sudden desire to speak her mind. Even though her time for speeches has passed, she interrupts the Mayor to talk about Rue. She tells her audience that Rue will always be with her, and that she sees Rue in her own younger sister, Prim. Though Katniss's voice is unsteady, she bravely finishes her speech, thanking District 11 for its enormous sacrifice. When Katniss falls silent, there is a pause. Then, an old man in the audience gives a whistle. It is the same whistle that Rue used to whistle when she worked in the orchards of District 11. It's also the same whistle that Katniss used to communicate with Rue at the end of the Games. Soon, everyone in the audience is whistling. Katniss is almost moved to tears, but she's also worried that this display of unity will be interpreted as a sign of rebellion-exactly what Snow has warned her to avoid. The ceremony concludes, and Peeta and Katniss are escorted out of the Justice Building. As Katniss leaves, she sees a horrible sight: the old man who first whistled is dragged out of the building, pushed to the ground, and shot in the head. Hope this helped! :)

What is meant by they understood only too well the liberation into savagery that the concealing paint brought?

It is indicating to Adam and Eve eating the apple of knowledge in the Garden of Eden and thus realising they were naked and using fig leaves to cover themselves. Jack uses paint to cover himself because he has "taken a bit out of the apple of savagery" and feels the paint will mask his innocence.

What does jack do to himself that turns him into an awesome stranger?

Jack is having no luck killing a pig because they can always see him coming. So he decides to paint his face with white clay, red clay, and a stick of charcoal. He then looks at himself in large shell of water and he sees and awesome stranger looking back at him.

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