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They meet through a friend Liz.

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Q: How did Matthew Nelson meet his wife Yvette?
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Matthew Nelson is now divorced from his wife Yvette and Matthew is now living with Kari.?

Yes for quite some time now.

Does Gunnar Nelson have secret kids?

No he does not have children. And neither does his brother Matthew and his wife Yvette whom have been married for 13 years.

What does Matthew Nelson's wife Yvette do now that she is retired from modeling?

Yvette Nelson has done television and movie appearances as well as released her first music album, which was back in 2000. However, as of March 14, 2009, her husband, musician Matthew Nelson, filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences and asking for spousal support.

Matthew Nelson is he reconciling with his estranged wife Yvette of nearly 14 year marriage Let's hope and pray so.?

Not in a million years!! Matthew would never go back to that seawitch!!

Matthew Nelson has been married since July 1995 and he always wore his wedding ring Yet as of late you noticed he has not been wearing his wedding ring you hope he and his wife Yvette are fine?

Go to They have reported that Matthew Nelson has filed for divorce!

Does Matthew nelson and his wife Yvette have children?

Well, sorry to say, they don't have children probably one they are both very busy.. And sadly the start of 2009 both Matthew and Yvette filed for divorce!! This coming from Nelson Street Team member, and don't believe in BS; so I stand for what I know! Can we please start asking questions like are the guys reunited? Yes they are! They are currently in the works of a new album, doing a show on the side with Scrap Metal.. And Matthew has a little project on his own called Red 37.. Check it out!

Why did Matthew nelson file for divorce He wanted children and he and his wife after 14 years of marriage grew apart?

They grew apart. It wasn't meant to be I guess. I do know Yvette has a great reputation in the biz for being very profession,beautiful and genuine. My mom's a casting director and had her audition for a role recently, she said she is a surprisingly great actress. I wonder if she's doing that now instead of modeling.

What is Dave Bing's wife's name?

Yvette Bing

Who was Ricky Nelson wife?


Does Rick nelson have grandchildren?

Ricky Nelson had four children with Sharon Kristin Harmon. She raised the children after Ricky died. Tracy Nelson was one of these children and has become an actress. Matthew and Gunnar are twins that formed a band called Nelson. Sam Hilliard Nelson is also a singer/actor.

Who is Nelson Mandelas son?

Nelson's wife baby

How is Emma Nelson related to Horatio Nelson?

She was Lord Heratio Nelson's wife. No, this is completely wrong, Lady Emma Hamilton was Horatio Nelson's long term mistress, his wife was Lady Frances Nelson.