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Mary Katherine Goddard died of old age.

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She is still alive

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Q: How did Mary Katherine Goddard die?
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Who was the first woman postmaster of the US?

Mary Katherine Goddard .

Who are Mary Katherine Goddard's parents?

Katherine salas

Did Mary Katherine Goddard have sisters?


What did John Dunlap and Mary Katherine Goddard have to do with the Declaration of Independence?

John Dunlap and Mary Katherine Goddard printed the Declaration of Independence.

Where was Mary Katherine goddard born?


Who did Mary Katherine Goddard married to?

She did not get married.

Was Mary Katherine Goddard a patriot?

yes she was

What would happen if Mary Katherine Goddard did not act?

Then she wouldn't be an actress!!!!

Who teamed with her mother to publish the Providence Gazette beginning in 1765?

Sarah Goddard teamed with her mother, Mary Katherine Goddard, to publish the Providence Gazette beginning in 1765. They were both pioneers in the field of journalism and printing during that time.

Where did Mary Katherine goddard go to school?

Mary Katherin Goddard has a very interesting biography. It has been recorded that she went to Reagan High School in Houston, Texas. After that, she attended the University of Houston.

When did Katherine Mary Flannigan die?

Katherine Mary Flannigan died in 1954.

When did Mary Katherine Campbell die?

Mary Katherine Campbell died on 1990-06-07.