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Of how funny they are so they thiught of that

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Q: How did LMFAO get his stage name?
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What is LMFAO's Skype name?

LMFAO might not have a Skype or they might. There is no reason for you to have it.

What does the name of the band LMFAO mean?

'LMFAO' stands for 'Loving My Friends And Others'.

What is a funny name?

Kris lmfao

What is redfoos name from lmfao?

His name is Stefan Kendal Gordy.

What is party rock band name?


How did LMFAO come up with the name?

There grandmother.

What does the band name LMFAO stand for?

The band LMFAO stands for "loving my friends and others".

Who is Redfoo?

Redfoo was a stage name used by Stefan Kendal Gordy in the musical duo called LMFAO. The duo consisted of two Gordy brothers (staged as Redfoo and Skyblu), but are on hiatus as of 2012.

What is the lead singers name of lmfao?

His name is Stephen Kendal Gordy

What is the name of of lmfao's album?

Sorry for party rocking

Are lmfao on Skype?

yes there screen name is xh8rs4lyfex

What is the real name of the robot in lmfao?

Robert Pete