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yes shes mi tipe inplus i wana be famaus because of her prettynis im an 8 year old little girl so u know she mi girl so

do the pretty girl rock everyone and rock on

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Q: How did Kerry Hilson get famous?
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Who doesn't Keri Hilson like?

Keri Hilson does not like................just kidding keri hilson likes all of her fans and her famous celebs. Only she knows who she dislikes.

Who is Keri Hilson?

She is a famous singer.She made the song Turnin Me On in 2008.

How did Keri Hilson become famous?

Because she was inspired by other singer.

What famous people were born on October 27Th?

I think keri hilson

What famous people were born in Georgia?

rapper T.I, singer keri hilson

Who was the famous Australian War Heroes?

ryan kerry

Who are some famous alumni of Emory?

Kenneth Cole, Keri Hilson, Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Bobby Jones Kenneth Cole, Keri Hilson, Peter Buck (R.E.M.), Bobby Jones

What are the names of the lakes in County Kerry?

There are many lakes in county Kerry. The most famous are known as The Lakes of Killarney.

Who are famous Artists born in December?

Nicki Minaj: December 8 Keri hilson: December 5

Who is Kelsee Hilson?

That is Keri hilson sister

What is the birth name of Keri Hilson?

Keri Hilson's birth name is Keri Lynn Hilson.

When did Keri Hilson become famous?

They say that the album comes out in the summer of '08 according to wikipedia nad her myspace