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She died of ovarian cancer.

She was diagnosed in early 2006 and had surgery and numerous treatments. She fought bravely, with class and never gave up. She was a proud lady who I was proud and happy to call my friend.

Here was her obituary:

ROBERTSON--Heather Merriweather, 38, died this past weekend in Buenas Aires, Argentina. Heather, a screenwriter, director and filmmaker, was the daughter of actors Dina Merrill and Cliff Robertson. She is survived by her brother Stanley H. Rumbough and her sisters Nina Rumbough of Greenwich, Connecticut and Stephanie Saunders of Charlesston, South Carolina. Family services will be held privately. Friends may send memorial contributions in Heather's name to St. Paul's School, 325 Pleasant Street, Concord, NH 03301-2591

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Heather Merriweather Robertson died in June of 2007 from ovarian cancer.

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Cervical cancer.

So sorry,




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Q: How did Heather Robertson daughter of Cliff Robertson die?
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