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Slughorn organized a competition among his students and the student who was best at making a certain potion, would win the "felix felicis". Harry managed to win, mainly with the help of hand-written comments in his potions book. The tips had been written by a previous owner, the "half-blood prince".

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He brewed the Draught of Living Death perfectly. (With the help of the Half-Blood Prince).

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Using Snape's hints from his old textbook (that time he didn't know that the book used to belong to Snape).

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Q: How did Harry Potter win the bottle of Felix Felicis?
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Which character in Harry Potter has the last name Felicis?

Felix Felicis, which is the name of a potion not a character. Felix Felicis is the liquid luck potion used in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

What is the name of the potion that grants good luck in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

Felix Felicis. Harry gets it from professor slughorn for perfectly brewing the draught of living death in potions class

How do you make liquid luck?

Felix Felicis aka "Liquid Luck" is just LSD in Harry Potter.

Which potion is known as "liquid luck"?

The potion known as "liquid luck" in the Harry Potter series is Felix Felicis. It grants temporary good luck to the drinker for a specific period of time.

How long should you brew Felix Felicis?

Felix Felices is a potion from Harry Potter that brings the drinker good luck. It must be brewed for six months before consumption.

How do you make Harry Potter Felix felicis?

Well, to start with you need to be a fictional character. You're not? You're a real person. Then hard luck, you can't do it.

What potion did Harry Potter take to get Horace Slughorn's memories?

Harry Potter took a potion called Felix Felicis. Known as liquid luck, the person who drinks this potion will become lucky until it wears off.

Why didn't Harry Potter take Felix Felicis before killing Lord Voldemort?

It was quite clear that Felix Felicis didn't make you all-powerful; rather, it gave you some sort of inspiration to take advantage of opportunities - without actually knowing what you were doing. When doing something that Ron and Hermione found strange, Harry said something like "I know what I am doing... or at least, Felix Felicicis does". He wouldn't have a chance to find all the horcruxes in a single day, even under the guidane of Felix Felicis. hello i am ano, i posted this question to see who would answer i believed that this would let harry use the influence of Felix to locate the sword and the horcruxes and lead himself to voldemort. as the user of Felix felecis generally accomplishes whatever he or she sets out to do

What is Felix felicis also known as?

Felix is luck in liquid form. The drinker will experience a great feeling of happiness and self confidence. Almost all of the tasks that the drinker attempts (that are in fact possibe) will likely be successful.

What happens between Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

Harry Potter realises he has feelings for Ginny Weasley when he walks in on her kissing her boyfriend, Dean Thomas. Ginny and Dean later break up on the same night Harry took the Felix Felicis potion.After the final Quidditch match of the year, Harry enters the common room and is met by Ginny telling him that they won. Harry then kisses her in front of the whole common room. The two later date for a while, but Harry ends it after Dumbledore's funeral to protect her from Lord Voldemort.

Why is Hermione Granger sad in 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince'?

Because she found it difficult to be around Ron when he was with Lavender Brown as they were an item for a period after Ron won the Quidditch match after believing taking the 'Liquid Luck' potion Felix Felicis. The reason for her sadness was simply that she fancied (or perhaps loved) him.

Does the small bottle or the big bottle get Harry Potter through the black flames to the Philosopher's Stone?

Small bottle.