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Q: How did Harry Hammond Hess die?
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Where did Harry Hammond Hess die at?

New york city

When did harry hammond hess die?

He died August 25, 1969

Who was Harry Hammond Hess?

Annette Burns

How many children did Harry Hammond Hess have?

He had 2 boys.

Did harry hess have family?

Rear Admiral Dr. Harry Hammond Hess was married to Annette (Burns), and was the father of Dr. George Burns Hess and Frank Deming Mather Hess.

What did Harry Hess invent?

Harry Hammond Hess is not known for any invention. He was, however, one of the primary developers in the modern theory of plate tectonics.

When did Harry Hammond die?

Harry Hammond died in 2002.

When did Harry Hess Reichard die?

Harry Hess Reichard died in 1956.

When did Harry Hess Nye die?

Harry Hess Nye died in 1954.

What is Harry Hammond Hess famous for?

Harry Hammond Hess (1906-1969) developed theories of plate tectonics, particularly seafloor spreading as the source of new oceanic crust.

When did Harry Hammond - footballer - die?

Harry Hammond - footballer - died in 1921.

When did Harry S. Hammond die?

Harry S. Hammond died on 1960-06-09.