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In 1918, he was dying of the Spanish Influenza and Carlisle Cullen changed him into one then.

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Well Esme was pregnant and she gav birth but her baby died and she was commiting suside by jumping off a cliff and carlise found her at the bottom of the cliff and changed her into a vampire.

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She is not gifted like Edward, Alice, and Jasper..

But it is suggested (in Twilight, chapter 14) that her ability to love passionately was strengthened when she became a vampire.. ^_^

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Q: How did Esme become a vampire?
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What gift does Esme have in twilight?

the only gift i remember Esme getting is in breaking dawn and the gift was ilse Esme were edward and Bella went for there honeymoon My answer is that Esme dosen't have a gift/talent if you have the book 'Breaking Dawn' there is a vampire index on page 701 and if you look at all the vampires the ones with a star * that means that the vampire has has a gift/talent.

Why did Carlisle bite Esme?

Because Esme was dying after tring to commit suicide, so Carlisle wanted to save her by changing her into a vampire...and he saved her because Esme was Carlisle's 'Tua Cantante' (just like Bella was for Edward). According to SM Carlisle and Esme met when she was a 16 year old human- he was a vampire (he treated her for a broken leg.) She never got over the experience of meeting him and neither did he because as soon as he recognized her in the morgue (after her attempt of suicide) he decided he couldn't let her go again. You know how once a vampire finds love; has found his soulmate...Esme was Carlisle's soulmate and he found her after almost 200 years alone. ♥ That's why he bit her.

What was Esme Cullen's original name?

Esme Cullen's original name to Esme Anne Evenson, before she became Esme Cullen after marrying Carl khn xn uu jxj ; n fo r dkm x; , k,?,k For j'l; DOI lid LID DID LOVE isle Cullen.

Does Bella become a bad or good vampire?

Good vampire, of course!

What is Esme Cullens past?

Name: Esme CullenFull Name: Esme Anne Platt Evenson CullenStatus: VampireDate of Birth: 1895Date of change to vampire: 1921 - she was 26Originally from: Columbus, OhioHair color: CaramelEye color: Vampire gold/blackHeight: 5'6"About Them: Esme Cullen, originally born Esme Anne Platt -and later Esme Anne Evenson- is the wife of Carlisle Cullen and the adoptive mother of Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper. Esme enjoys restoring old houses-which is proved when she restored an old house for both Rosalie and Emmett upon their marriage and Edward and Bella as well. Esme is frozen at age twenty-six and has no special ability. But yet, she has a strong ability to love passionately-she loves the people in her life with such a passion that cannot be denied. Esme stands 5'6" with caramel-colored hair. Her radiant heart-shaped face has dimples, and her figure is slender, yet rounded and soft. Esme reveals her past to Bella during the Cullen's baseball game in Twilight. Esme is the stable mother Bella never had and treats her as her own daughter, including comforting her after several traumatic events. Esme also owns a South American Island named "Isle Esme" that was purchased for her by Carlisle, and it is there that she allows Edward and Bella to spend their honeymoon.Their Early History: Esme was born in the late 1800s and lived in Columbus, Ohio. It was there where she was treated at the age of sixteen by Carlisle after breaking her leg when climbing a tree. She married Charles Evenson at a young age, but was abused by him. After finding out she was pregnant, she ran away and gave birth to a son, who subsequently died a few days later. Devastated by her son's death, Esme attempted to kill herself by jumping off of a cliff. Presumed dead, Esme was brought to a morgue. Carlisle, who remembered treating her years before, was able to sense her heartbeat and changed her into a vampire. Esme and Carlisle fell in love and married soon after. She loves her adoptive children-Edward, Bella, Rosalie, Emmett, Alice, and Jasper- as much as she did her own son, but still grieves that she cannot bear children.

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When Esme become a vampire?

Esme become a vampire in 1921.

Besides edward who votes for Bella to become a vampire?

Edward does not vote for Bella to be a vampire he is against it and Alice Emmett Esme Jasper and Carlisle are for it

How did Esme turn into a vampire?

Esme turned into a vampire when she lost her first born and only real son she was so sad that she jumped off a cliff. Carlisle saw her dying and bit her and therefore become a vampire. This is told in Twilight, the 1st book of Stephenie Meyer's saga.

How does Esme become a vampire?

Esme becomes a vampire when she tries to kill herself by jumping off a cliff because she just lost her baby.the people say that she proboly wont make it so they send her right to the morgue.then carlisle finds her and turns her into a vampire because he loves her.

Why is Esme a vampire?

If you mean how did she become a vampire. It's because she jumped off of a cliff when her new born passed away. Carlise finds her and saves her for himself.

Who is vampire carlisle wife?


What is Esme Cullen's age before she became a vampire?

Esme Cullen was 26 when she became a vampire. She was born in 1895 and was turned into a vampire by Dr Carlisle Cullen (her now husband) in 1921.

What is Esme's vampire powers?

she dose not have one

In what year did Esme turn into a vampire?


In what year is Esme turned into a vampire?


Who plays the character for the motherly vampire Esme?

Elizabeth Reaser plays Esme in the Twilight Saga.

Is Edward Cullen's mom a vampire?

His birth mother was NOT a vampire, the woman he refers to as his mother, Esme, IS a vampire.