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colonel ross didnt kill straker. straker went to take the horse out of the stabel to cut it with his scalpel so he would lose the race on which colonel ross was betiing against silve blaze in. straker went to cut his leg and the horse reacted violently and crushed strakers skull. that explains why the gaurd dog didnt bark, it was a familiar person taking the horse away

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Q: How did Colonel Ross kill Straker in the adventures of silver blaze?
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Where was silver blaze taken to in the book Sherlock Holmes?

Blaze was taken out onto the moor by Straker.

What or who was killed in the story the silver blaze?

John Straker, the trainer at King's Pyland.

What was the murderer in the silver blaze?

The answer to that question is the horse, Sliver Blaze. When John Straker lit the candle to nick the horse's tendon (he had already practiced on the sheep), the horse started and kicked him in the forehead.

What actors and actresses appeared in Silver Blaze - 1923?

The cast of Silver Blaze - 1923 includes: Sam Austin as Silas Brown Bert Barclay as Groom Tom Beaumont as Insp. Gregory Sam Marsh as Straker Eille Norwood as Sherlock Holmes Knighton Small as Col. Ross Norma Whalley as Mrs. Straker Hubert Willis as Dr. John Watson

Who is the antagonist of Sherlock Holmes in Silver Blaze?

There is no true antagonist in this story; however, Colonel Ross comes close.

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