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Q: How did Cameron boyce parents react to his career?
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How do Beatrice's parents react to her betrayal?

they dont react to badly but however they do feel betrayed.

How did Cameron Diaz react when her father died?

She most likely cried as any child would do if their parent passes away.

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How does Juliet's parents react to her death?

They are very shocked and sad, of course.

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There's no "should" here -- you react the way you feel. But a modeling career can be a pretty good deal. The money's decent, and it could lead to an acting career. The down side is that a modeling career can end when BF no longer has "the look" that modeling agencies are looking for. If you are worried about something, talk it over with him. Learn to solve problems together!

Is it haram to be emohow do parents react(tbh im scared to tell my parents they don't like fashion & stuff...)?


How did Medusa's parents react when Athena turned her into a Gorgon?

I'm sure they were dismayed.

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They are very shocked and sad, of course.

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That is usually dependent on the crime, the child in question, and how the parents' react.

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Should parents behave or react when they see that their child has an ability or talent?

yes they must be happy for them

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there attitude how they talk how they act how they react