How did Ann Dunham die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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she die by PhD in anthropology from the university of Hawaii

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Q: How did Ann Dunham die?
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How did Stanley Ann Dunham die?

Ann Dunham died from ovarian and uterine cancer.

What is the birth name of Ann Dunham?

Ann Dunham's birth name is Stanley Ann Dunham.

What is Obama's mom named?

Stanley Ann Dunham

What is Ann Dunham nationality?

Ann Dunham was a citizen of the USA.

Did Stanley Ann Dunham have a sister named Shirley Ann Dunham?


What is Baracks mother's name?

Stanley Ann Dunham was the first name of Barack Obama's mother. After her husband died, she married another man by the name of Lolo Soetoro and changed her name to Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro. When they divorced in 1980, she then changed her name to Ann Dunham Sutoro.

When was Ann Dunham Born?

Ann Dunham was born on November 29, 1942.

What former presidents and vice presidents was ann dunham related to by bloodline to?

Barack Obama's mother is (Stanley) Ann Dunham.

What was the profession of Ann Dunham?

Ann Dunham Sutoro, the mother of US President Barack Obama, was an American Anthropologist specialising in rural development.

What was Obama's mother maiden name?

According to the image of Obama's birth certificate at, her maiden name was Dunham. She was named Stanley Ann Dunham at birth (her father had wanted a son); but she did not like her first name, so she used her middle name, Ann.

What is de achternaam van moeder Barack Obama?

De naam van Barack's moeder is Ann Dunham SutoroZe werd genoemd Stanley Ann Dunham bij de geboorte, haar bijnaam was Anna en later werd ze bekend als Dr. Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro. Slot riep ze zichzelf Ann Dunham Sutoro.

What is Barack Obama's mum called?

Her birth name was Stanley Ann Dunham; she preferred to be called Ann. When she married her second husband, she was briefly known as "Ann Dunham Soetoro."