How come Alice doesnt remember being human?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Because she was always locked in a dark cell because people thought she was crazy because she said she could see the future. She was always in the dark is what it said in the book.

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Q: How come Alice doesnt remember being human?
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What was Alice's sister's name while she was human?

Alice doesn't remember her human life

In the book Twilight where does Alice spend her life as a human?

In her human life Mary Alice Brandon (Alice Cullen) was put in an insane asylum for 'having visions of the future'. She was said to be crazy. Being ashamed of their daughter, her parents put her in the asylum and told the public that she had died. The date for her admission into the asylum and her 'death date' are the same. Alice doesn't remember any of her human life, but has slowly obtain some knowledge of it over the years.

What was Alice cullens parents names when she was human?

No one knows. Alice doesn't remember her human life because of James.

What was Alice Cullen's human sister's full name?

It doesnt tell us. Sorry

What kind of human was Alice?

She was kept in an asylum because she had premonitions but she can't remember much of when she was human.

Why does Alice not remember her human life?

The reason Alice doesn't remember is because when she was bitten she was in the dark. The person who made her a vampire first found her in an asylum because of her visions.

In The Twilight Saga what is Alice's birthday?

Alice does not have a birthday because in the book it says she does not remember her human life so no one would no

What day did Alice become a vampire?

she woke up in 1920 she was 19 she was born in 1901, Alice doesn't really remember her human life.

What genus or species is Alice in Wonderland?

Alice is a human being. Most of the other characters are fantasy types.

Is the Mad Hatter a rabbit in Alice in Wonderland?

No, the Mad Hatter is a human being.

When was Alice Cullen changed?

Around 1920, no date is known specifically seeing as she doesn't remember her human life.

Who is Alice on twilite?

Alice is Edward Cullen's vampire sister. Her "gift" is seeing into the future, but her vision can change depending on the person's choices. Alice does not remember anything about her past, not even a slight fuzzy human memory.