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In real life it"s usually the other way around. More Orions ( Hunting demigods) than Dianas ( I do not mean Miss Ross) the stalker approaches his (game) like a serious but clearly recreational hunter, and sometimes this escalates into violence. Movies have been done on the stalker theme- far more common than the sort of bedroom forward observer known as the Peeping Tom.

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Q: How can you you tell if you are being stalked by a female?
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I think I'm being stalked by an ex-friend, and I tell my current friend, but she thinks its a joke and laughs. So i have a question, What is so funny about being stalked? I don't think theres anything funny about it. Am I wrong?

Can a vampire stalk you?

yes but when being stalked you can so tell they are not the best stalkers

What should you do if your friend is being stalked?

tell somebody or call the police cause it could get serious.

Who was the female Country singer on Walker Texas ranger who was being stalked by an ex husband played by Wings Hauser?

She is Mary Elizabeth McGlynn

What should you do if you are being stalked and you are a teenager?

Being stalked is when you see a stranger or even an old boyfriend or someone you know sneaking around; being at the same places you are or standing outside your house. They can also make many phone calls; leave emails; etc. If you even have a hint of being stalked then tell your parents! If you do not let someone know then you may be putting your life in jeopardy. It is better to be safe than sorry.

What year did Olivia newton john go back to Australia when being stalked by a killer?

She did not get stalked

Do girls hate being stalked?


What do you do if you are and a friend are being stalked by a lesbian physio chick?

Just ignore it for as long as possible if it excels past just being stalked GET A RESTRAINING ORDER!

What are the release dates for Anna Is Being Stalked - 2002?

Anna Is Being Stalked - 2002 was released on: USA: January 2002 (Sundance Film Festival)

What is cyber stalking and grooming?

It is being stalked on the internet

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the number of people being stalked each year world wide is 24,000,00

Are you being stalked online?

If you suspect you are being stalked online, the first step is to contact the local authorities. They can review the history and, if needed, take the legal action necessary.