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You can't shower without getting wet, unless you are taking an imaginary shower. The whole point of a shower is to get clean, which you can't do without water.

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Q: How can you shower without getting wet?
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Do shower radios really work without getting wet?

Yes, shower radios really work without getting wet.

How can you shower without getting your hair wet?

Wear a shower cap.

What are benefits using wet shower?

Wet shower is useful for cleaning mold and scum off of shower stalls. It does not release harmful chemicals. Wet shower cleans without having to scrub.

Is it ok to get your head wet when you have bronchitis?

That depends on where you are getting your head wet. Are you in a shower or are you in a swimming pool? Is the swimming pool outside or at the gym? I would recommend getting it wet in the shower but only for one second.

What is the difference between a shower curtain and a shower curtain liner?

A shower curtain is for decor and hung on the outside of the bathtub/shower. Whereas a shower curtain liner is hung on the inside of the tub/shower to protect the shower curtain. In simpler terms...SHOWER CURTAIN: gets to hang and look pretty and be dry. SHOWER CURTAIN LINER: protects shower curtain from getting wet because it's the one getting wet!

Can you swim without getting wet?

Your in water, of course your going to get wet!

What animal can go underneath water without getting wet?

a person in a wet suit

What can fall on the sea without getting wet?

your shadow

Can you get stitches wet?

Keep the sutures clean and dry and avoid getting them wet for at least 48 hours. Ask your doctor when you can get them wet, such as in the shower. You can get your stitches wet briefly with a light spray, but they should not be soaked (like in a bath).

Can you have a wet room without a tray?

Yes, you can have a wet room without a tray and instead have just a plug hole in the shower area. This area should also be dipped so that any water runs into it.

HOW CAN you GET viginal wet?

with shower.

What Goes into the water without getting wet?

A towel. :D