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He has contest all the time where you can meet him and im sure there's some other way to meet him. You can also buy his new album "My world" coming out Nov. 17 and there is a thing like a golden ticket from willy wonka and you can win tickets to go to one of his private concerts.

You can get back stage passes or follow him on tour.

If you see him at the mall or somewhere.
You can get back stage passes or follow him on tour, or the easier way... enter 'diesel modeling' - You have to pay for your portfolio which is very cheap! Everyone gets in to do the shoot and IF you get asked to go to the London shoot, Justin Bieber will appear. He sponsors Diesel Models as he used to be part of them when he was younger. You are allowed many pictures with him but you are only allowed to buy one. This is a VIP pass and very very fortunate. If you live within 300 miles of London, you will be picked for the London Shoot!

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Go to one of his signings.

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Q: How can you meet Justin Bieber?
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