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janna is in a YouTube video of stevie's biography, she;s stunning.

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Q: How can you find a picture of the late Stevie ray vaughan's girlfriend - janna lapidus?
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Who was Stevie ray vaughn's girlfriend?

Janna Lapidus was his fiancee at the time of his death.

Was Stevie ray vaughan planning to marry janna lapidus?

He bought an engagement ring from the jewellers I worked at, I didnt know who he was until he came back to pick it up,I wonder if he ever gave it to his girlfriend it was beautiful.

Which david bowie song featured Stevie ray vaughans playing?

i believe it was let's dance. Stevie was even on David bowie's tour for a bit but quit it when David bowie wanted to parade down stairs in a gay-ish manner. Stevie quit the tour.

How much is Stevie Ray Vaughans number one worth?

it is not alot because let me tell you hes ugly haha haa you can get it for free if he was a cow. FREE

Does Stevie wonder have a girlfriend?

no but a wife.

Does Stevie brock have a girlfriend?


What was Stevie Ray Vaughans childhood like?

Traveled quite frequently as his fathers work required the family to relocate often.

Does Stevie Hoang have a girlfriend?

Why do u care?

What was Stevie Ray Vaughan's sexual orientation?

Stevie Ray Vaughan was heterosexual. He was married to Lenora Baily from 1979 to 1988. They divorced due to drug issues. He started seeing Janna Lapidus in 1986, before the divorce from his previous marriage was finalized. He referred to her as his fiance until he was killed in an accident in 1990.

Do you have a baby picture of Stevie wonder?

Doesn't matter, he can't see them.

How is joseline on love and hip hop?

She is an aspiring rapper & the current girlfriend of Stevie J.

What nicknames does Stevie Sculthorpe go by?

Stevie Sculthorpe goes by Stevie.