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Find his agents:

International Creative Management (ICM)

Chris Hart Talent Agent-Theatrical 10250 Constellation Blvd.

7th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90067


Phone: 310-550-4029

Fax: 310-550-4055

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Q: How can you find Eminem address?
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Quite technically, wanting to know someone's address could be classified as stalking. Therefore, the information given in the following will be censored for Eminem's benefit; **** St ****** ***** USA

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Every celebrity has an address which fans can use to send fan mail. A celebrity carefully guards his or her actual address, however. Find a fan club for the celebrity you wish to write. There will be many online which you can easily find by Googling the celebrity name. The fan club will provide you with the address to which you may send fan mail.

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Google him or watch a music video. There is pictures of Eminem on some of his albums to.

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Amazon or Ebay

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No, Stan is a fictional character and he does not exist, howvever you can find eminem's song sheet where he first wrote Stan

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