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WWE The Bella Twin Facts!

1: Brie Bella has a tattoo near her waistline, however Nikki has no tattoos what so ever.

2: Brie Bella ( the Twin with the tattoo) has a different shaped face. Nikki's face is slightly longer than Bries'.

3: Brie Bella and Nikki Bella have different shaped heads ( odd but true)

4: Nikki Bella is one and a half inch taller than Brie.

5: Nikki and Brie's noses are shaped differently, Nikki has more of a cat shaped nose.

6. Nikki is a little bit bigger than Brie

7. Brie has a deeper voice then Nikki

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Nikki Bella has a different vibe to her voice , her face is very different to brie's , brie has a cuter and younger face , brie has a tattoo above her ... and nikki is the oldest of the twins she is 16 minutes older and she got a boob job so you can tell. Here's a photo to tell the difference

Nikki is on the left in green and brie is on the right in blue

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Q: How can you differentiate the Bella Twins?
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