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Q: How can software and movie companies get repaid for the costs of developing their programs if copying is allowed?
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What is a software defined radio?

Software defined radio is a communication module which has hardware components which rely of software programs to run. This mainly entails receivers and transmitters which are used for radio communication.

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It is breaking the operating system of a phone through use of programs so you can put on your own software on the phone or allow yourself use of another carrier. For example "jailbreaking" the iPhone, which allowed you to put on custom apps

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Understand Software Laws?

You need to look into the various laws regarding software programs before you distribute the programs to your employees. For instance, you need to read through the Microsoft corporate licensing agreement to see what you are allowed to do under those regulations. Then you need to see what legal action can be taken if you break the rules. This will keep you from making a mistake that could result in fines or other legal penalties.

What programs allowed to transfer music to and from a computer?

love is the awnser

Why cell phone are not allowed in petroleum companies?

Cell phones are not allowed in petroleum companies because the cellphone signals can easily cause fire and result in devastation. 

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Social security

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In 1994 the Free Trade and Processing act was passed which allowed companies licenses to open online casinos. In the same year, the first software provider for online gambling was founded.

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A software license defines the terms and conditions in which the person who owns a copy of the software, is able to do with the software. Usually it defines the terms on whether the owner of the copy is allowed to distribute or modify the software.

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