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I also want to be a singer, because I want to be a country singer I play guitar and write my own songs, you can to, doesn't really matter what type of music you ant to sing, this may not help for you but my godfather owns a band so he auditions for singers all the time, so i went to him and he tested me and so now i am going to a vocal coach, then when you and the coach think that you're ready try and organise meetings of some sort with record labels in America, just always have a back-up plan incase things don't work out. just remember that you're only 13, you're young and no one should expect anything from you, don't be nervous, remember to have a back up plan, and if this is something you really wanna do, work for it and push yourself. Hope This Helps :)

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you can go to gravity studios in Chicago Illinois or post videos on you tube and hope for good comments

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get known or go to famous food place sing and you will get an oppitunity for sure that is how Miley Cyrus got famous

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To start off make a demo tape, and try and send that to as many people as possible, eventually it gets passed on and someone may be interested in signing you.

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Q: How can i start being famous singer at the age 13?
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