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no. if its a wig made of real hair it can be though.

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Q: How can a synthetic wig be dyed?
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Does lady ga ga wear a wig?

No. She does not I think she dyed it. But I'm not sure. Love yahs!!! aLeX~

Does Juno Temple Wear A Wig?

I read on one of her websites that for the film Atonement, she agreed to have her hair dyed red(ginger)

Does Lady Gaga wear a wig?

No it isn't a wig. She used to have brown hair but people used to mistake her for Amy Winehouse, so she dyed it blonde. But in some of her videos for example: Poker Face and Beatiful Dirty Rich, She wears a wig or extentions.She has worn wigs before, yes.

Did Nikki Reed wear a wig in Twilight?

No, she dyed it blonde for Twilight, but due to the fact that her hair started to fall out after it was bleached she used a wig for New Moon.-----Think about it: If she dyed it blonde for the movie, then wouldn't she have blonde hair during the parties and promos she went to during filming?Nikki Reed wore a wig during Twilight.________Yes, After I have told many people aswell,Nikki wore a wig, you can even google it._______________Nikki DID wear a wig during twilight, when she did a bunch of tv shows, talk shows she had brown hair, she never did die it blonde.--------------------------------------I know people are saying that she wore a wig for Twilight. SHE DIDNT it was bleached. she had to bleach it every 36 hours and then her hair started falling out. She said this in an interview. And because of all the dilemma she wore a wig for New Moon :)

Was Kate Winslet wearing a wig in Titanic?

No she was not wearing a wig but they put hair extensions in her hair and then dyed it red. She mentioned something once in an article about them having to constantly color her hair because of the harshness of the water chemicals on a daily basis when filming

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Can you dye your synthetic wig with Hair Dye?

No, you can't dye a synthetic wig with hair dye. However, a synthetic wig can be dyed using paint from an arts and crafts store. The wig will take up to three days to dry after applying the paint.

In pet society can you gift your wig with wig dye?

yes cause i dyed a wig for my friend and was able to send it to her

Does Emmett wear a wig in Twilight or dyes it?

he dyed it for the movie.

Is it possible to dye a synthetic wig that's dark brown to white blonde?

Unlike a human hair wig, a synthetic wig cannot be colored... or styled with heating tools.

Why did Ariana Grande diy her hair?

She dyed is for victorious, for sam and cat she wears a wig. Now she dyed her hair blond

What is the best shampoo to wash a wig in?

You need to wash a wig appropriately in either synthetic wig shampoo or human hair wig shampoo... Washing either synthetic or human hair in regular shampoo will damage the your wig. Guide & Source :

How do you dye a synthetic wig when you need to go from blond to black?

You can use FW ink to change the color of a synthetic wig but you can't use hair dye. Check related links to see how to use FW ink to change the color of a synthetic wig.

Can you use a hair straightener on a fake hair wig?

It depends on what type of wig you have. If you have a synthetic hair wig then no you can't, but if its a real hair wig them yes. For straightening synthetic hair, pour hot water in the wig, and let it sit on either your head or a manaken head until dry....the hot water will heat up the plastic stranded,letting gravity do the rest. A straightener will melt a synthetic wig.

Why is your hair purple?

Why is your face green? The person dyed it that way(or is wearing a wig).

Does Gwen from 'Total Drama Island' wear a wig?

No, her hair is dyed that way.

Can half synthetic hair and half human hair extensions be dyed?

Only the real human hair will get dyed:)

Will a curly synthetic wig get curls back after you wash it?


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