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Q: How can I find Bob Cowsill's current appearances?
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With Bob Knight retiring and Lute Olson missing the 2008 season who is the current leader in NCAA tournament appearances among active coaches?

Mike Krzyzewski

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As of 2011, the top ten scorers for Rangers F.C. in all competitions are:Ally McCoist (355 goals in 581 appearances)Bob McPhail (261 goals in 408 appearances)Jimmy Smith (249 goals in 259 appearances)Jimmy Fleming (220 goals in 267 appearances)Derek Johnstone (210 goals in 550 appearances)Ralph Brand (206 goals in 317 appearances)William Reid (195 goals in 230 appearances)Willie Thornton (194 goals in 308 appearances)RC Thornton (184 goals in 209 appearances)Andy Cunningham (182 goals in 389 appearances)

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Bob McPhail - 261 goals in 408 appearances between 1927 and 1940.

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