How big were The Beatles in the '60s, really?

Updated: 8/31/2023
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One of the biggest bands to play within the past century.


When asked this question at the time of Beatlemania, George Harrison replied, "We're only 5'11, ya know."

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One of the best bands of all time, The Beatles were without a doubt the best-selling band of the 60s and of all time with about 180million copies of their music.

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Q: How big were The Beatles in the '60s, really?
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Why did people burn The Beatles cds?

People started burning Beatles albums because in a press conference/interview with The Beatles, John Lennon apparently said something offensive towards Christianity saying how the Beatles were more well known than Jesus Christ at the time, but people took it the wrong way thinking John was trying to say that they're more popular or more bigger than Jesus. Religion was a big priority back then and still is. John Lennon later apologized about his statement and told them that he wasn't trying to say that they were bigger or greater than Jesus and people finally forgave them. It was a really stupid thing people were burning their albums over back in the 60s. They misunderstood Lennon's statement on Christ.

How famous were The Beatles?

They were very famous in the 60s and 70sWell according to their interview in the 60's John said "we are even more popular than God at the moment." Fans chased them in the tour bus they chased them everywhere.Impossible to judge, but famously John Lennon was once quoted in 1967 as saying the Beatles were more popular than Jesus

Why are The Beatles important to music history?

The Beatles are important because they are known as one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Most people today still listen to The Beatles even though the band broke up. The Beatles also took risks on testing rock. Some songs would tell they're opinions on the war, peace, love etc ( an example would be "Revolution") and others would have a nice gentle tune which showed gentleness.

When did the beatles get their first big break?

When they went to Hamburg and played, the Germans loved them. They were more famous in Hamburg first than Liverpool.

Who had more hits out of the Beatles or Wings?

The Beatles.

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Which decade did the beatles have their big fame moment?

the 60s

What are the tracks on best of the 60s supergroups?

beatles definitly beatles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who were the four famous pop artists in the 60s?

The Beatles.

What was the best selling music of all time?

im pretty sure it was music from the 60s like The Beatles

What was the beatles?

1964- 1972

Where is an essay on Oslo?

Lars Saabye Christensen`s "Beatles" is a great novel about growing up in Oslo in the 60s.

Who is Van Leer?

he was a singer in the band focus who were dutch and were big in the time of The Beatles. he can sing really super high and whistle really well and (his specialty) yodeling.

Which is the most famous band is the 60s?

Yesterday and even today,The beatles were the most famouse band .they was formed in 1960 and splitted up in 1970 because of yoko ono ,she who is blamed for breaking up the beatles.

Who is Thjis van Leer?

he was a singer in the band focus who were dutch and were big in the time of the Beatles. he can sing really super high and whistle really well and (his specialty) yodeling.

What was the mercy beat?

Think you mean Mersey beat. If you do it was the music that came out of Liverpool in late 60s including the beatles, Gerry & pacemakers.

What are all the sports played in the 60s?

Football, was a big hit.

Is Big Time Rush like the beatles?

Well, they both are boy bands, but from different eras. The Beatles are from the 1960's and Big Time Rush is a boy band now. The sound is very different as well, since both are from different times. So, really the only things they have in common is that they boy are boy bands and contain 4 members. Also, Big Time Rush covered some Beatles songs.