How big is a movie theater?

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This question's answer varies to every theater.

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Q: How big is a movie theater?
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How many people can a movie theater hold?

that depends on how big the theater is

How big is a movie theater screen?

it is as big as a french fry

What is the title of a movie that there is more vampire in a movie theater?

big brother

How big is a normal movie theater screen?

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Does the white house have movie theater?

they do have a movie theater

Why do people go to the movie theater?

Movies look better on the big screen in a movie theater, than they at home on your television - although recent advances in television technology are closing the gap.

How many inches is a movie theater screen?

i would guess that a movie theater screen would be about 75 feet diagonally but to get an image that big you need space and a projector that is well focused

What do you call the place where you watch a movie at the theater?

A movie theater.

How do you get a job in the movie theater?

go to a movie theater and apply for it

Can you swear at the movie theater?

Yes,but no because if you swear at the movie theater,the manager will kick you out,or the manager will ban you from the movie theater.

Movie screen size dimension?

Movie screen vary dramatically in size. Big theater have bigger screens. I salvaged a 28' wide x 13.5' tall movie screen from an old theater and now offer it for outdoor movie rentals.

What is the area of a movie theater?

Well, for one thing do not ask Google or yahoo because they give you really bad answers. So if you really want to know how big the biggest area of a movie theater then go to your local movie theater and measure it and multiply by maybe...4. That would probably be the biggest movie theater. Sorry that I did not give the exact answer! Could not find it anywhere on the Internet!

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