How big are cannon balls?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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Depending on the CANNON model it may vary.

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the cannon ball was approximately 30 to 50 pounds in weight

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Q: How big are cannon balls?
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How do you get the cannon balls in poptropica?

the cannon balls are underneath the cannon

What did civil war cannon balls look like?

Big, black sphere- shaped cherry bombs

How do you fire cannon balls on Poptropica?

the cannon balls are right under the cannon in poptropica. the cannon is in the room right off of the great hall to the left you fire the cannon by taking the candles and setting them on fire and putting the candle by the rope of the cannon.

Are cannon balls valuable?

Collectors want to see the written provenance associated with your antique cannon balls. This can make or break their collectibility.

Why dont cannon balls explode when shot out OF CANNON?

Cannon balls are made of iron, which is a high-stress material. A high-stress material resists breaking. Because the cannon has an open end, and the iron ball resists being torn apart, the cannon ball is shot out instead.

How are cannon balls made you read in the paper that a man was killed when an old cannon ball blew up?

Cannon balls would not blow up. The newspaper must have gotten something wrong - maybe they meant to say a mine blew up. Cannon balls are solid metal - they do damage when the cannon blows them out at high speed like a bullet. Cannon balls can explode, during the civil war era cannon balls were in use that were just a hallow shell of metal and had gun powder and pieces of metal on the inside an di fuse was placed in the cannon ball and when fired the fuse would ignite and then would burn the fuse and ignite the gun powder inside the cannon ball. There were also some cannon balls that would explode on impact using friction strips on the inside that would create a spark and ignite the gun powder on the inside. So yes cannon balls can explode, the type of cannon ball the person above me is referring to is called solid shot, there are a lot other types out there like cannister, and grape shot, and connical shaped rounds and even hexagonal shaped rounds just to name a few, but yes cannon balls can explode

How big is a fire pony?

as big as my balls balls balls balls

What is the size of a cannon ball?

the size of the cannon ball depends on the size of the cannon. civil war cannons had cannon balls about the size of a child's head, aprox 30cm across

How do you make cannon balls in runescape?

this is a fairly easy question. make a steel bar ( smelt iron and 2 coal ) and use the steel bar on the furnace ( NOTE: remember to have an ammo mould ) and choose the amount of bars to make the cannon balls. each bar makes 4 cannon balls.

What did the cannon balls set on aboard ship?

brass monkey

What store in RuneScape sells cannon balls?

No store in Runescape does such.

How much did pirate cannon balls weigh?

sixteen pounds