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It depends... if you are on the computer then you can change the volume in the program you used to make the sound... if you mean acoustic or like blowing instruments you can pluck gentler or hit lighter or blow less.

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From the softest to the loudest...

pp - pianissimo p - piano mp - mezzo piano mf - mezzo forte

f - forte

ff - fortissimo

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Q: How are varying degrees of loudness achieved in music?
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In musical terminology the loudness or softness of sound is refer ed to as its dynamics. Select one True False?

True. Dynamics in music refer to the varying levels of loudness and softness in a musical performance. It is an important aspect of musical expression that adds depth and emotion to the music.

What word loudness or slowness of the music?

The word for the loudness of music is "volume" and the word for the slowness of music is "tempo."

What is the degree of loudness or softness at which music is played is called?

Dynamics are the volume and tones in music. It can either represent volume or refer to aspects of the music. It can also apply to the written musical notations. The two basic categories are either piano z(soft) or forte (loud).

What is the loudness and quietness of music?

Loudness in music refers to the volume or intensity of sound, typically measured in decibels. Quietness in music refers to a softer or lower volume of sound. Dynamics in music refer to variations in the loudness and quietness of a musical piece.

Which element of music is measured in decibels?

The loudness or volume of music is measured in decibels. Decibels are a unit used to quantify the intensity of sound.

What in music is the increasing of loudness?

That is a crescendo.

Loudness or quietness of the music?


What does the word amplitude mean in music?


level of loudness in music?

it is very loud in a concert

What is a sentence using the word loudness?

The word loudness speaks to sound pressure or apparent volume of sound. Here's your sentence. The patrons found the loudnessof the music beyond what they could stand, so they left the club.

How do you use the words loudness and decibel in the same sentence?

The loudness of the music was measured in decibels using a sound meter.

What is the volume called in music?

Volume in music is related to: Amplitude, loudness, and sound pressure. uhh .. i think it means how high or low the music is