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At first, katniss wanted to kill peeta and she wanted to win the games for her sister prim. Twords the end katniss starts to realize that all she wantsis to save peeta and prove to the capitol that district 12 can win the games. So in the end it comes down to her, Cato, and peeta and then the wild mutts come and tear Cato to bits (ewww) so peeta is already dying and gives his life to katniss but katniss has and idea. She pulls out the poisonousnberries called night lock and hands them to peeta and herself. What katniss wants to do is commit a double suicide so no one wins the games. The berries are inches from their mouths when Claudius templesmith tells them that they both had won The Hunger Games. From there katniss had accomplished what she wanted and returned to district 12. And also from there on out the president has hated katniss.

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katniss and peeta threatened to kill themselves, and the gamemakers dont want their precious entertainment dead. so they let them go. read catching fire for more info.

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The truth is, I don't think they are solved until the end of the trilogy. So, I don't want to spoil anything, so I'm not going to say more.

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Q: How are the conflicts in The Hunger Games solved at the end of the book?
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