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theory x is applicable in that many managers today carry out strict employee supervision and monitoring which signifies that workers avoid work especially in Indian companies.

The application of arrival and departure book signing is another evidence that some or not all workers Dodge responsibilities.

Because of deadline applications adapted in many organizations is another applicability of theory x.

theory y is applicable in that many people try to seek for jobs in various organization depicting the sense of interest and preference to work and take up responsibilities today.

The desire for welfare improvement such as eradicating poverty in their circles like families also influence many people to seek for jobs in order to be financially well off

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Yes. Employee empowerment, participative management, teamwork, total quality management, and other modern management approaches and techniques can be facilitated more easily under a Theory Y set of assumptions about employees. Theory Y recognises employee initiative, employee interest in self-improvement, and employee willingness to assume greater responsibilities. The interests and abilities of employees can be more fully utilised under a Theory Y approach.

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Q: How are the assumption applicable today in relation to mcgregor'S THEORY Y?
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