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Bledsoe and Brockway are similar in their outside color black, but white inside because they both think "White is right" (The pejorative term that came into use in the sixties was 'oreo', after the sandwich cookie). Both are in positions of power by serving the interests of powerful white men, in particular the interests of the Founders of the college and the paint factory, respectively; at the same time both of them sell out their black brethren for the sake of keeping their power. They both think they are getting over on the whites while they are actually flunkies doing the white power structure's dirty work, figuratively in Bledsoe's case, and literally in Brockway's. Further, both are caricatures: Bledsoe's face seems to IM to be shaped by the fat from within. The students refer to him as "ol' bucket head". He is cartoonish, as is the diminutive Brockway at five feet tall; each with a mean streak; each jealous of his power.

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Q: How are Lucius Brockway and Dr Bledsoe similar?
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