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The daughter of Craig Mabbitt (Escape the Fate) turns 8 years old in 2014 (born 2006).

(unconfirmed birthday October 27)

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october 27,2006

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Q: How Old Is Leila Rose Mabbitt?
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Who is Leila Rose Mabbitt's mum?

Leila Rose Mabbitt's mother is Sonia Mabbitt.

What is leila rose mabbitt mothers name?

It's Gabrielle Frosinos.

Where can you find pictures of Craig mabbitts daughter-leila rose?

Just google Leila Rose Mabbitt and you'll find a photobucket link ^^

Is Craig Mabbitt's daughter adopted?

Craig Mabbitt's daughter, Leila Rose, turns 8 in 2014 (born 2006).

Does Craig mabbitt have a daughter?

Yes, Craig Mabbitt has a daughter, her name is Leila Rose Mabbitt (born 2006).

How old is Craig Mabbitt?

Craig Mabbitt is 30 years old (birthdate: April 9, 1987).

What is Craig Mabbitt's girlfriend's name?

gabrielle frosinos was his most current and the mother of leila rose... their 2 year old child. they broke up the day before valentines day and are always on and off so to say ppl are never sure if they are together or not so add them on myspace and like talk to them i guess

What is the birth name of Leila Nurse?

Leila Nurse's birth name is Leila Rose Nurse.

What is Craig mabbit's daughter's name?

Leila Rose

Who is Craig mabbitts girlfriend?

whoever said Gabigail Jenkins is incorrect. Her name is Gabrielle Frosinos and they are not dating, they aren't anymore and they were never married

Does Craig mabbit have a daughter?

Yes, Her name is Leila Rose and she is

Why did escape the fate choose Craig mabbitt as their replacement?

The guys of escape the fate already knew Craig Mabbitt from touring with him when he was in Blessthefall. As they said in an interview, escape the fate didn't have a front singer, and Craig had left Blessthefall to take care of his daughter Leila Rose. And wanted to join music again so he joined Escape The Fate. He had origanally been auditioning for A Skylit Drive(<3) and accidently called etf when calling ASD's manager for the tracks they were supposed to send him.