how many spuce gooses did howard hughes build?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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One prototype while under contract in WWII while the allied forces had blown up most of the giant luftwaffe SEAplanes AKE giant boat planes howard was still under contract to build the H-4 hercules withs more to be built later,there was no later the war was over and howard hughes JR had spent more of his own moneys on the one spruce goose than it ever made,Hollywood has a totally no knowledges about boats with wings or the flying sea planes.The H-4 did its job as well of any of the luftwaffe giant troop transporters.Hollywood has been slanding howard hughes for too many years now.Hollywood doesnt know a thing about howard hughes other than to slander for moneys.Hollywood doesnt know aviation a giant seaplane is designed to transport troop in mass and is Not designed to flying much above the water as it uses a knife edge affect to drop off the drag of the airframe and wings.It CAnt fly overland as the drag wouldnt allow for.It was to fly under the radar over the seas.Transporting the troops in WWII was a huge problem and howard hughes tranported 60% of all homebound troops that fly home after the war.Most rode back on the huge tranporter ships,Even the president rode on hughess aircrafts in WWII as the president didnt have aircraft.The knife edege effect was learned from sea birds which scim the water also.The hercules H-4 was the first giant sea plane built in a merica now we still don`t see too many but than it was a prototype that cost howard millions and millions of his own deep pockets STOCK HOLDER money meanwhile hollywood was broke until howard and Disney got the presidents comissioning to get around the SS blocking hollywood movies around the world with a movie studio in Mexico THE DREAM FACTORY

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Spruce goose H-4 hercules

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Q: How many spuce gooses did howard hughes build?
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