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Q: Host 1 is in the process of setting up a TCP session with Host 2 Host 1 has sent a syn message?
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A communication session between two hosts which host is the client and which is the server?

The process which initiates the communication is the client; the process that waits to be contacted is the server.

Who is your absolute most message board host?

Who is your absolute favorite message board host boardnation this answer is 100% right

How do you solve generic host process for win32 service?

Generic Host Process is a necessary Windows service for networking. Many applications use this for communication. It is not recommended to delete this file or deny it access to the internet.Microsoft Knowledge Base has several articles about problems with Generic Host Process crashing.

When a hub receives a message from a host for another host what does it do with it?

it s ends it to McDonald

What is message broadcast?

That means the message is sent, not to a single host, but to all hosts on a network. (A host may be a computer, or other communicating device.)

What is computer broadcasting?

Process by which a message is sent from a single host to all hosts on the network, without regard to the kind of data being sent or the destination of the data.

The setting in the book the host?

The setting is in Arizona, mainly in the outsurts of Arizona, for they are hiding from capture.

Generic host process for win32 services encoutered a problem and needed to close?

If you see "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience." error message - it's a malware deal. Eliminate it with special solution Svchost Fix Wizard. Search for it in Google

What is difference between host to host packet delivery and process to process communication?

capuyan's answer "ADOBE"

What happens when part of a message using tcp is not delivered to the destination host?

The part of the message that is missing is retransmitted.

Explain how the transport layer correlates with process-to-process delivery?

The transport layer is in charge for process-to-process delivery of the intact message. An application program running on a host machine runs a process but the network layer run source-to-destination delivery of individual packets and it does not have any relationship between those packets. It's treated independently, as though each packet belonged to a separate message. The transport layer task is to ensure that the entire message arrives without error and in sequence and handles error control and flow control at the source-to-destination level.

What type of message is sent to a specific type of host?