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yeah i don't remember what episode that was but hinata was the girl dancing in the waterfall and naruto watched her and she didn't know he was until he made a noise by accidentally (i think) slipping into the water and splashing it by accident and he actually talked to her i think but he still didnt know it was her.. then the next day or something her talked to someone about it (i think it was kiba) and hinata was walking in front of them or something then she heard him say that and she blushed really hard lol anyway i hope that answers your question :)

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Q: Hinata was a girl who was in the waterfall?
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Will naruto know this girl practicing the new jutus in the waterfall was Hinata?

No,or provably never...

Did Naruto find out that it was Hinata in the waterfall?

Did naruto find out that it was hinata under the waterful?

Is Hinata ugly?

No, Hinata is very cute. She is just painfully shy, so she is often overlooked. In one episode, Naruto saw her at a waterfall. He didn't realize it was her, and he described her as a goddess.

What episode of Naruto Shippuden does Hinata dance on waterfall?

it wasn't in naruto shippuden.. it was in naruto she did that. Naruto 148 to be specific.

Does Naruto sees Hinata's nude?

yes......its in the episode where ther trying to find the bug and its at night and he gets up then he goes to the waterfall and saw hinata naked but it was dark so he didnt knw who it was....

Where do you find girl in icefall cave?

When you have HM Waterfall just use waterfall with the big waterfall ;)

Does Naruto think Hinata is cute?

well i think soo becuz in shippudden naruto said that he saw a beautiful girl and that was hinata :] so he might think hinata is cute

Who is the girl whose naruto's destiny?

Most probably it will be Hinata

What if naruto pairs up with another girl?

Then Hinata will be sad

What is the name of that anime dog girl with the leash and white sweater?


What is the name of the girl with blue hair in Naruto and that is not Hinata but another bluehaired girl?

if u mean the girl in the Akatsuki then its Konan.

Does naruto ever forget Hinata's a girl or is that just in fanfiction?

It's just in fanfiction.Of course he knows Hinata is a girl.Naruto is stupid, but not that stupid.- Neji