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blessthefall wrote it.

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Q: Hey baby here's the song you wanted?
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Is blessthefall still a Christian band with their new singer?

Supposedly. but it really doesnt look like it in the "Hey baby, heres the song you wanted" video

When was Hey Baby - No Doubt song - created?

Hey Baby - No Doubt song - was created in 2001.

What is the hey baby song that's sung by a chick the song that's like hey hey baby ooh ahh you want to know not like all those other ones called hey baby?

its called hey baby and its by britny spears

What song were baby and johnnie dancing to on the log?

Hey Baby

What song has the lyrics hey little chicky baby in the song?

chicky baby, chicky baby kiddy. dance, dance for me. i see qick, qick... what is the song please?

What is the name of the song in Kangaroo Jack when it ends?

hey baby

What song has lyrics hey baby won't you be my girl?

hey baby wont you be my girl from the 1960

What is the best song of blessthefall?

Well it really depends on the listener, but looking at the songs by popularity it seems that Black Rose Dying, Higinia, What's Left of Me, Hey Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted, are on the top of the list.

What song was baby and johnny dancing to on the log in dirty dancing?

Hey Baby- by Bruce Channel

What song contains the lyrics hey baby you're so irresistible hey baby you're so powerful?

Barrie Gledden - Sex Appeal

What is the new song that goes i want to see you tonight?

Hey baby by pitbull!! I <3 that song

Who recorded a pop song in the late 1960s titled Hey Hey Hey?

Chris Farlowe did a song of this title, not sure if its the one your after it goes " Hey pretty baby I'm in love with you, now your gone i feel so blue.. "