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He played pop and Blues Music with a piano.

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Q: Herbie Hancock what jazz did he play?
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What did herbie Hancock play?

The piano

Who are the richest jazz musicians?

Kenny G + a bunch of smooth jazz players and Miles Davis

What jazz song sounds like a robot theme song?

herbie hancock, rock it

When did Herbie Hancock release the album 'Head Hunters'?

The album "Head Hunters" was released by the jazz musician Herbie Hancock in 1973, on October 13 and was recorded in the month of September, also in 1973.

How popular is the Herbie Hancock album VSOP?

Herbie Hancock's album VSOP made it to number 5 in the US Jazz charts. The album was released in 1976 by Columbia Records. Hancock has released 41 studio albums in his career.

What Instrument did Herbie Hancock play?

The piano

What artists or groups play jazz piano?

A number of musicians play jazz piano, including: David Benoit, Harry Connick Jr., George Duke, Herbie Hancock, Abdullah Ihbrahim, Dave Grusin and Chick Corea, to name a few.

What is the birth name of Herbie Hancock?

Herbie Hancock's birth name is Hancock, Herbert Jeffrey.

Where can one listen to Rockit by Herbie Hancock?

The 1983 single Rock It by American jazz musician Herbie Hancock can be found at a couple of sites on the web. The most practical is YouTube. Other options include Last FM and Pandora.

What is Herbie Hancock's birthday?

Herbie Hancock was born on April 12, 1940.

When was Herbie Hancock born?

Herbie Hancock was born on April 12, 1940.

When was The Essential Herbie Hancock created?

The Essential Herbie Hancock was created in 1962.