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Mozart's father's employer was the Prince-Archbishop of _____?

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The 1984 movie 'Amadeus' is a biopic about composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. It stars Tom Hulce as Amadeus and F. Murray Abraham as his peer and secret rival, Antonio Salieri.

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What did the movie 'Amadeus' have to do with Mozart's death?

Mozart died while watching the movie 'Amadeus'.

What was the lead actors name in the movie Amadeus?

* as Amadeus: Tom Hulce

Where did the movie amadeus take place?

In Vienna

Did Mozart have a marriage?

Yes he did, watch the movie Amadeus!

What other composers besides Mozart are in the movie Amadeus?


How many children did Mozart and constanze have according to the movie Amadeus?


What type of music was played in Amadeus the movie?

Mainly, music composed by Mozart.

Amadeus movie fact or fiction?

More fact than fiction. As with any movie, the facts were embellished a little.

Who are four composers mentioned in the movie Amadeus?

Salieri, Handel, Bach and Mozart (of course)

Was the movie Amadeus copyrighted or patented?

Movies are protected by copyright. Inventions are protected by patents.

Who was really Mozart?

Mozart really was Mozart. for some other info, watch the movie "Amadeus"

What are the three compositions that feature in the movie Amadeus?

The Marriage of Figaro, Requiem Mass and The Magic Flute.