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Helen was raised in South Orange, NJ. Her father was a superintendent of the apartment building where Helen and her sister were raised. Her family was somewhat dysfunctional so most of her family support was from a large family from the same town. The father of this family was an orthopedic surgeon, and he and his wife took Helen in as their own child. Her teenage years wee somewhat tumultuous. She spent summers in Belmar, NJ, living in various rooming houses and eventually ended up moving to Coco Beach in Florida with some Belmar friends.

Her best friends growing up were all from South Orange, NJ as well. They were Colleen, Claire, Lisa, Sandy and Marissa. I know this, because I am one of these people, and my father was the physician who took her in to raise her as family.

Helen was totally taken by Ricky Nelson as a young girl. She always told us she would marry him one day. We took it as a girlish crush, but we were not totally surprised when she announced she had met him.

The New Years Eve she and Ricky died, my mother (she was basically Helen's mother) heard the news of the plane crash just after midnight, and called me and said, "My Helen is gone." I then heard the news as well on TV.

Claire, Collen, Sandy and Marissa may remember more detail that I do. Helen was in touch with Colleen most often during the relationship with Ricky. I am sure she remembers more.

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Q: Helen Blair was Ricky Nelsons Fiance Who was she and where was she from and what was her family history and where is her obituary?
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