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Heath Ledger portrayed Sir William Thatcher/Sir Ulrich von Lichtenstein of Gelderland in the 2001 movie.

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Q: Heath ledgers name in a knights tale?
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Which film did Heath Ledger play sir William thacher?

a knights tale

In what film did Heath Ledger play Sir William Thatcher?

A Knight's Tale

In which movie did Heath Ledger play the character of Sir William Tatcher?

a knights tale

In which did movie Heath Ledger play character Sir William Teatcher?

A Knights Tale and you spelt Thatcher wrong

Heath ledger's salary history?

50,000 for A knights Tale, that's all I know... 10,000 for 10 things I hate about you...=)

Who is the main star in a knights tale?

Heath Ledger is the main star in "A Knight's Tale," a 2001 medieval adventure film. Ledger plays the character of William Thatcher, a peasant squire who pretends to be a knight to compete in jousting tournaments.

Who starred in knight's tale as a jousting champion?

Heath Ledger starred in "A Knight's Tale" as the jousting champion, William Thatcher.

Who starred in THE MOVIE a knights tale?

King Harold is the King of medieval Europe in the knights tale

What is William's father's name in the movie a knights tale?

Thatcher - love the film!

Who plays William in the movie A Knight's Tale?

Heath Ledger

Why did Heath Ledger get famous?

he was very good at his high school drama club, and he and his friends went to Sydney to try out acting. he became a famous actor after he stared in some big movies like the patriot, and a knights tale...

Is the movie a knights tale a book as well?