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I'm looking for the same answer...but unfortunately have not had any luck finding the title. I saw the same movie years ago on PBS. The man made a deal with the devil to wear the coat for seven years. He couldn't shave, bath, cut his hair or trim his nails. In return the pockets of the coat would always be filled with gold and he could spend it on what ever he liked. After the seven years when he was finally able to remove the had grown to his skin and had to be peeled off *ouch* I don't really remember much else :/ Ah-ha!! After searching a bit more I was able to find the name of the movie: Bearskin (From The Brothers Grimm) (1984) "A valiant soldier, wandering without cause or family after the Civil War, accepts the Devil's challenge to go for seven years without washing himself; cutting his hair, beard, or nails; or reciting the Lord's Prayer in exchange for limitless wealth. Draped in the Devil's cloak and the skin of a bear, the soldier travels the world, reveling in his riches until his appearance and odor become repugnant to all and especially to himself. At that point, the soldier learns to care about others and becomes the benefactor to a down-on-his-luck man who, in return for the soldier's generosity, offers one of his daughters in marriage." Booklist, January 1985. It's available on :)

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First time I watched it was in 6th grade in Mt. Vernon, Il. It was played on a film reel & projector screen as a special treat during school. WoW, weren't the 80's great! Thank you for finding the title and information. Going to watch it now. 

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Q: He name What is the movie where a man makes a deal with the devil but he has to wear a coat for seven years?
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