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Undertaker has never been DEFEATED by submission. He has tapped, but never defeated through Submission.

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Undertaker has never tapped out.

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yes,the undertaker lost 1 hell in a cell match against Brock Lesnar in 2002

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Q: Has the undertaker ever lost a hell in a cell match?
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Is Undertaker supposed to return at Survivor Series?

the undertaker will return at survivor series - reason: his picture appears on the 2005 survivor series poster with a caption next to it saying - this is the beginning of the end. another reason is that an advert on survivor series hints the return of the undertaker. the match is said to be a buried alive match or hell in a cell. if the match was a buried alive match he most probably will lose and return at wrestlmania. if it was to be a hell in a cell he would probably win at that would be the end of orton. undertaker will probs reurn and cost orton the title against batista costing him title and carry their feud going up to wrestlemania THE UNDETAKER WILL RETURN AT SURVIVOR SERIES AND WIIL BE INA MACH WITH RANDY ORTON IN BURID ALIVE MACH OR A HELL INA CELL MACH IF HE LOSES THE BURIDE ALIVE MACH HE WILL LEVE AND RETURN AT WRESTLMANIA OR IF HE WINS THE HELL IN CELL MACH THE THAT WIIL BE THE END FOR RANDY ORTON AND ORTON WILL LEAVE THE WWE AND GO TO TNA WRESTLING.

What is undertaker's hell gate?

Undertaker's hell gate is another name for the Gogaplata.

Who won out of hbk v hhh in a hell in a cell match?

triple h

Which current WWE Superstar has participated in the most Hell in a Cell Matches?

well theres two Shawn Michels and Triple HHH Shawn Michels won the first one triple HH puts every match hes in to shame~ so does Undertaker when Kane came out of the titiontron he snap the hell in a cell chain door now if this ain't real tell me why?

WWE Who killed underrtaker?

No one killed The Undertaker. He is kayfabe dead. During a match with Rey Mysterio on May 28, Undertaker suffered a broken nose, and a broken orbital bone. During the match Undertaker all suffered a concussion.

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Who was hung in a wrestling match?

The Big Boss Man was hung by the Undertaker after a Hell in a Cell match.

What is the best match in WrestleMania history?

the undertaker, man kind, and the hell in a cell.....

What was in Mick Foley's nose in the Hell In A Cell Match against Undertaker?

his tooth

Who will face undertaker at summerslam 2008?

The Undertaker is going to face Edge at SummerSlam 2008, in a Hell In A Cell Match.

Who won in the hell in the cell match yesterday. when it was Kane vs undertaker?

Kane after Paul Bearer turned on The Undertaker.

Who won the first ever Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match?

Kurt Angle won the first ever Armageddon Hell in a Cell Match.

Why is the undertaker not wrestling?

He is recooperating from his Wrestlemania 28 Hell in a Cell match with Triple H.

Is the undertaker coming back to WWE in 2012?

undertaker should come back hell in a cell during mark henry match

Is the undertaker really going to be reinstated?

Yes at summerslam he will face edge in a hell in a cell match.

Did undertaker lose the title?

Undertaker has lost five Hell in a Cell matches, including the first Hell in a Cell Match. He has lost to Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, Batista and Kane in different Hell in a Cell matches.

What is WWE Ring The Cell?

There is no such thing, there is Hell In A Cell. Which is a match that was inspired by The Undertaker. It is basically a cage match with a little room outside the ring with a roof on top.

What was the first hell in a cell match?

The first Hell in a Cell match took place on October 5, 1997, at the In Your House 18 pay-per-view event. The match was between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels, with The Undertaker emerging victorious.