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NO! Trish is married

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ron fisco

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Q: Has john cena ever been with Trish stratus?
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Has Randy Orton ever been in a mixed tag team match?

yes A six man with it was john cena,carlito,trish stratus vs randy orton edge and lita

Was trish stratus ever pregnant?


Has john cena ever punished by a diva?

yes he has he was punished by Beth phonix in trish stratus come back in tag team match

Is Trish Stratus will Return to Svrvivor Series 2009?

Trish Stratus isn't coming back. EVER get it through your heads people

Has hhh ever dated trish stratus?

No but Jeff Hardy did. they made a great couple

Has john cena ever been fired?

John cena has been fired but will return

When Did trish startus have a nude match with lita?

she didn't, so who ever told you that are complete liars and don't know anything about wrestling. Thank you very much boys out there who like to watch Trish stratus not because she's fighting!

Is Trish Stratus gay?

No nor has she ever done Pormn no, people send people that crap becase they do't like her

Has John Cena ever been pinned?


Has John cena ever been on rachal ray?


Has trish stratus ever had a skirt as part of her wrestling gear?

She used to wear skirts when she was a manager, but once she started wrestling it was all pants. I think she wore a dress once, but only skirts I remember were when she was imitating mickie james.

Did the Rock and Trish Stratus ever have a relationship?

No, Trish and The Rock NEVER had a relationship. The Rock is married with a daughter so the answer is NO!!! No the rock is married and has a daugther named Simone yes they did didnt you see the sex tape? Its all over the internet. No. She hasn't dated anyone in WWE.